[eDebate] It's Pointless isn't it?

Christopher Thomas christopher.scott.thomas
Sun Aug 3 21:16:10 CDT 2008

I was attempting to type up what would look like a normal response to your
posting replying to my argument.But I realized that if all you will do is
not attempt to understand my argument but instead reply with a militant
choice of words and tone then it seems hopeless to ever have discussions
like these.

So sure. you win, congrats. If thats what you wanted.
I never disagreed or agreed with actions of people but instead suggested
acting like an adult instead of an immature child, which your post seems to

woowho. you won an edebate argument. Good luck changing the community we are
apart of when all you have seem to done to me is exclude my
argument/viewpoint and ideas.

Christopher Scott Thomas the First.
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