[eDebate] No Justice, No Peace-addendum

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Mon Aug 4 16:43:53 CDT 2008

By way of openness of agenda(s):

I also believe the standard social movement theory of coercive
persuasion---threat appeals as a necessary part of movements for social change.
As it stands now, Ede, your movement has no credible threat appeal. Mere appeals
to Justice did not lead to passage of the Civil Rights Act. It was the growing
sense that there was going to be blood in the streets if something did not
change that led to those reforms. Your current efforts have no real negative
outcome for maintaining the status quo other than some sense of guilt.

Perhaps the threat that all African American debaters/program directors leave
the organization and create their own could provide the necessary balance
between calls for justice and pragmatic organizational politics. The
embarrassment of having two debate organizations be identified as so racist
that African Americans would choose to walk away and create their own
organization would be a huge public relations disaster--and, therefore a
credible threat appeal.

I just lit a torch....who wants to throw it?


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