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Les Lynn leslynn
Mon Aug 4 17:52:13 CDT 2008

The CDC will be hiring a full-time Assistant Director for Programs this
summer.  Please see the attached job posting, and please circulate it to
anyone you feel might be interested in the position. This person will work
on a small team to help the Chicago Public Schools administer the Chicago
Debate League. Qualifications for this position are most heavily "debate
programming," but they also include effective pedagogical and communications
skills, and some management and development abilities as well.  This person
will work in the CDC offices downtown full time, and will be compensated
based on their experience; the annual compensation can certainly exceed

* *

*Chicago** Debate Commission*

*Assistant Director for Programs*

*Job Description and Application Information*

* *

The Chicago Debate Commission (CDC) is searching for a qualified candidate
to work in its small but growing core staff, taking lead responsibility for
implementing the CDC's role in administering the programming of the Chicago
Debate League.  The Assistant Director for Programs will work full-time from
the CDC's downtown offices.

*Job Description*

The Assistant Director for Programs will primarily work to conduct a variety
of academic debate programs, but will also have some development and
administrative  responsibilities.  This position will work with all three
Conferences in the CDL, in addition to the Middle School League and the
Lincoln-Douglas events.

* *


   - Conduct school and coach recruitment and retention efforts, including
   communications, presentations, flier distribution, calls with principals,
   site visits, and monitoring;
   - Prepare the curriculum for and conduct all trainings for coaches,
   students, and judges;
   - Provide on-going training, assistance, and support to all CDL Coaches
   through phone, email, and on-site meetings;
   - Conduct approximately three site visits per week at local schools to
   provide support, modeling, and training to coaches and debaters;
   - Complete reporting forms for all site visits, trainings, and
   - Build engagement, investment, and ownership of teachers, coaches, and
   school district administrators in the CDL;
   - Promote and effect high attendance at trainings, and track
   - Conduct all necessary preparation work for all CDL Tournaments;
   - Administer CDL "A" and "AA" Tournaments;
   - Supervise Middle School Tournaments;
   - Monitor RCC and L-D Tournaments;
   - Facilitate and supervise the National Circuit participation of CDLschools;
   - Respond to requests and requirements of the Chicago Public Schools
   Office of High School Programs in the administration of the CDL; and
   - Direct the 2009 Chicago Debate Summer Institute.


   - Prepare regular articles for the Chicago Debate Commission's quarterly
   - Help prepare and conduct the CDC's annual donor cultivation event;
   - Provide text for grant proposals;
   - Participate in presentations to current and prospective institutional
   partners or sponsors.

* *

*Administrative:  *

   - Collect and process data from all CDL Tournaments and training events;
   - Prepare periodic reports to schools and principals;
   - Recruit and manage volunteers effectively, and support the ED in
   managing part-time staff effectively;
   - Maintain the CDC public website, including a Coaches Corner and a
   Student Q. and A. blog;
   - Track and monitor student performance, including the programmatic
   inputs (student participants, teacher involvement, contact/training hours,
   debate programming) and outputs (graduation rates, college matriculation,
   grade-point average, standardized test scores, attendance, and specific
   performance assessments); and
   - Conduct regular meetings with the CDC Executive Director, the
Chicago Public
   Schools, and the CDC Board.

* *

* *


* *

   - B.A. or higher degree;
   - Extensive experience in current high school cross-examination policy
   - Demonstrated ability to teach and train policy debate to all levels of
   debaters and coaches, from raw beginners to successful competitors on the
   National Circuit;
   - Passion for the urban debate mission and the educational justice
   objectives of the Chicago Debate League
   - Ownership of a vehicle and/or willingness to ride public transportation
   to high schools and other sites;
   - Willingness to work evenings/weekends where necessary ? total working
   hours will be 40-50, but hours will not always be "9 to 5";
   - Experience in urban education ? non-profit, administrative, or
   classroom ? is a plus;
   - Effective time management skills and ability to manage multiple
   projects and tasks simultaneously;
   - Strong interpersonal, communication and organizational skills.

*Additional Information*

* *

Compensation commensurate with experience, but can exceed $55,000.  Benefits
will be folded into a single overall compensation figure.

Candidates passing an initial screening will be interviewed by the staff and
Board of the Chicago Debate Commission and the Chicago Public Schools.

The Chicago Debate Commission is seeking a commitment of at least two years.

The Assistant Director of Programs position may begin August 1st, August 15
th, or September 1st, pending negotiation.

It is the policy of the Chicago Debate Commission to provide employment
opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, creed, national
origin, age, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, gender (sex) as
required by law.

Submit your c.v. and a cover letter, via email and U.S. Mail to:**

Les Lynn

Executive Director, CDC

332 S. Michigan Ave., Suite 500

Chicago, IL   60604

(e) leslynn at urbandebate.org

Thank you for your interest.

Les Lynn
Executive Director, Chicago Debate Commission
Senior Program Consultant, NAUDL
(o) 312-427-8101
(c) 312-848-2271
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