[eDebate] No Justice, No Peace-Ans. Harris

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Mon Aug 4 18:50:18 CDT 2008

Actually Martin, if YOU did your research, you would know that "Why we can't
wait" is a collection of essays. "Letter from Birmingham Jail" is only one of
them. So you can chew my Jimmie on that.

Why should Ede et al be the ones to act?

Because they are the one's claiming there is racism within debate. I just take
it to its logical conclusion from a different perspective.

Simply put, I don't believe there is racism in debate. I think there are
economic disparities within America's educational system and  generally that
prevents African American students from debating. I reject the whole aesthetic
barriers argument. My African American students think the claims of "aesthetic
barriers" to be demeaning--"oh you speak too fast fo' us Black folks." (by the
way I watched and enjyoed Towson's debates at CEDA Nats in the early elimiation
rounds, watched the Ft. Hays debate, but had to catch a flight before the
decsion was rendered).

How can you POSSIBLY say seperatism does not work. You have absolutely NO
SUPPRORT for this claim. It has not been tried. Has a Afrocentric debate
organization been created  for the purpose of increasing Black particpation in
college policy debate---NO!

But what we do know is that the current approach--presenting these arguments in
debate rounds for a few momentary successes has had ZERO impact on the real
numbers of minority particpants in debate. Noone can refute this fact Martin.
It sucks, but that is often the case when reality meets your theories of how
the world ought to be.

If you want evidence of how the "project" kills coalitions. I will give you the
biggest and most timely example---go back and look at the Towson Ft. Hays round
and aftermath in its Entirety. If you are willing to shit on your friends (in
this instance, Ft. Hays) for a tournament win, then your whole movement is
corrupt and is doomed to failure. If you have Shanahan alomost coming to blows
with people on an issue of "you are racist," I think you are not building

We do agree on one thing, this whole inclusion movement has become a farce.


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