[eDebate] An Outsiders Perspective on "No Justice, No Peace"

nicholas brady nicholas.brady89
Mon Aug 4 20:16:16 CDT 2008

So I am not really involved in this argument between Mr. Elliot, Dr. Warner,
and (to a lesser extent) Adam but i thought i would chime in a bit of truth
to the discussion.

There is evidence for this whole seperatist league thing and it is in the
very history of our current CEDA champions. The Baltimore Urban Debate
League and other UDLs -- from what i can see -- is more responsible for
increasing minority participation than anything else. The reason why Dayvon
and others begun debating had nothing to do with Louisville and their
project -- they started debating long before they had any knowledge of this
whole shabangabang. I think its time we get to a heart of the matter and
stop doing this bickering that really helps out nothing.

The UDLs were created to give minority students a chance to open up their
argumentative wings and use this as an educational tool to increase reading
and comprehension. It was also made because we all know that there are
people that are simply made to debate but come from educational systems that
give no oppurtunities for debate, any kid from Baltimore -- Dayvon, Adam,
and myself included -- was in this situation before the BUDL. The BUDL was a
seperate -- and majority latino, black, and female league -- institution
from the majority white BCFL. Despite this seperatism of sorts it helped to
introduce and foster a love of debate for kids who would have otherwise
never had the oppurtunity.

Ask the CEDA champions about seperatist debate organizations and -- if they
are telling the truth -- they should tell u that it can be a potentially
liberating, highly educational training ground.

With that being said the BUDL has many, many different problems in its
organizations and the UDL system does need some reform. This is neither the
time nor the place for that, but i'm sure Dr. Warner can attest to the power
of UDLs too. I think beyond the posturing Dr. Warner and Mr. Elliot actually
agree with each other to a certain extent.

Despite his rude bluntness and incorrect usage, Mr. Elliot is bringing to
the table an idea that potentially can be used. I know for a fact that Andy
Ellis is suggesting reform to the CEDA districting to would create a
seperate league of sorts for UDL debaters and has been passionate about
helping to make teams in HBCUs. I think there is room for compromise between
the two of you. As much as both of you disdain bridge building -- Mr. Elliot
moreso than Dr. Warner -- I think there could be something great in the
suggestions of both of ur post.

Just my thoughts

Leader of a Crunk Revolution
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