[eDebate] Wow. 7 African-American coaches. Victory!

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Mon Aug 4 22:17:55 CDT 2008

Wow Martin. There are 7 instead of 5 black coaches for an entire nation  (btw
that was Ede's count I was going off of. Isn't it sad that you can literally
name off the top of your head every black policy debate coach in the country?).

I guess you have won. Wow what a victory for a ten year project.

Amazing, at this rate, in 20 years there will be ten African American coaches by
the year 2028.  Full integration of CEDA/NDT will have been achieved. Seriously,
if all you are going to do is quiblle over 5 versus 7, I think you have already
conceded the larger issues. (I noticed you dropped the whole source citation 
of MLK issue pretty damn quick.)

I am still, at a loss as to why my proposal is a non-starter for many of you.
Another individual has pointed out, quite correctly, that UDL's have been
extremely successful. Why is that? In addition to a lot of dedication by a
large number of dedicated individuals and financial support (economics really
is the key issue folks)--I posit that it is because UDL's ARE seperate, that
they are successful. If UDL were thrust into varsity, TOC style debate,
students would bolt.

WHY can't UDL's be a model for college debate too? Why not expand the UDL
concept to HBCU's?

Careful Ede and Martin, you are about to have a series of logical mines blow up
in your faces. You can be more poetic, but the Turth is still painfully


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