[eDebate] can someone explain?

M G malgorthewarrior
Mon Aug 4 23:13:57 CDT 2008

Quick question about the ARGUMENT being run in quarters.  A lot of people have mentioned MPJ as the culprit in excluding women and minorities from judging (Ede am I correct in saying that's PART of your stance?).  Now Towson clearly doesn't agree with this, as they used their strike card all day.  So, given Towson's position on MPJ, what was so wrong about the fort striking who they did?  She did proclaim that she gave them 27s and that they "sucked" at debate.  It seems that they would be fools to put that judge on the panel.  

If your arg is MPJ bad then no need to explain, I get your explanation.  But if both teams are endorsing MPJ than how can you pin exclusion on a team put in that situation?  


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