[eDebate] striking scott elliot

stephen davis proudsavage
Tue Aug 5 15:03:03 CDT 2008

by some terrible coincidence a team of mine once had to debate in front of
this miscreant (i blame Andy Ellis, but i blame him for most things) and
after voting them down he said to me "this was the best postmodern debate
I've ever seen" this i found particularly interesting considering the fact
that the strategy they were deploying   was very specifically a critique of
postmodernism... see scott sometimes people strike you because you are just
fucking stupid... this is different from the fort/towson conversation....
hope that cleared some things up for you but i severely doubt it will
because as i said before you are a mentally deficient racist and should
prolly be put out to  rhetorical pasture where  you can play and dig  and
enjoy the sun beating down on your pasty pig face with the rest of the
relics of dead era.

 Towson didn't k competition, the fort did. you cant admit that you made a
strategic decision to strike a judge and then spend the debate critiquing
competition.  the video is especially telling of this problematic if you
watch avery's face while chris makes this round losing concession in cross
ex. fort lost cuz towson pointed out the case turn that anyone could have
pointed out, the race conversation was probably more important to have than
the case turn conversation and it gave towson some O on the "we're down with
black people" flow but i believe getting the fort to admit they struck
someone "strategically" would have been all that a decent team needed to
pown them. if you dont believe me watch averys little heart break in cross
ex when this happens.

i have no real stake in this debate, i mean,  i know who i agree with and
who i dont, i know what i think and while this debate(the edebate fight) has
informed many of my opinions, at the end of the day i think engaging this
debate from where i sit is prolly not as worthwhile as other things i could
be doing.

to recap:

scott elliots a biggoted moron,
chris and avery should have thought about answering that question better
and Towson CL did what any smart debaters would have done in that
position... they won.

dont reply or backchannel me, ill prolly say mean shit to you as im
particularly busy and therefore grumpy at the moment and please dont take
any of this shit personally(avery and chris you know i love you). oh except
for scott-- i dont love you and you should feel free to take all the mean
shit that everyone seems to be saying about you personally... its true, ur a
dumb racist...
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