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In  addition to the foregoing, I guess I would have to add that in 
addition  to appearing to be very much out of his mind during the video, 
Coach  Shanahan was barefoot, poorly dressed, poorly kempt, had at least  
several months growth of beard, very long uncombed hair and appeared  
very much like a person who was living on a street or a homeless  
individual.   The very last thing he looked like was a  responsible 
teacher, coach or person that I would entrust the care  
Are you for real?
I'm not defending any action on that video (on either party), but the  notion 
that additional blame needs to be focused on Shanahan for the way he  dresses 
is, simply, ridiculous.
Shanahan has looked that way for as long as anyone can  remember. I can 
pretty much guarantee that he was dressed in that  manner when he interviewed for 
the position at Fort Hayes. Shanahan has  always gone barefoot. 
Your standard was not adhered to by anyone on that video (CEDA executives  
included) and is open to so many angles of kritik that the mind boggles at  
which one to launch first.
Your concerns about the behavior displayed on the video are justified.  Your 
criticisms of his appearance opens a window to your own worldview that I  
don't think many will find very substantive or appealing.
Louisville, KY

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