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Your team lost because their methodology got turned. It was a pretty damn good
turn too- the argument was not that you did not have the perfect affirmative,
but trying to sell the perfect affirmative as a form of advertisement was
bad--even if it was satirical.  The more I thought about that round, the more I
am convinced I made the right decision. So, really, get over it. I have been
cordial to you before and after the round--even when you were a temper tantrum
baby about losing a 5-0 to 5-0 round. But, you can be what you want, which is a
pompous asshole.

Your rant about Towson was and is way off the mark. I thought Towson won the
round against the Fort. I watched the round. Ask anyone who spoke to me during
and after the round. I thought the round was going to be a 3-0 for Towson after
the cross ex of the 1NC.  So, I am not sure what you are talking about. I
thought it was a brilliant strategy against a team that was going to run
position on competitveness. My debater and I laughed as we left the round to
catch our plane back home. We thought the round was exceedingly clear--for
Towson. I even congratulated some of the Towson folks. Don't try to misconstrue
my arguments with Ede as some indictment of Towson's performace at CEDA Nats. I
watched them in two outrounds, before we left. Thought they won both pretty
decisively. You can label me all you want for other things, but on this one you
are being your typical arrogant self---cock sure but knowing nothing.

That being said, I think debates like these are a logical conclusion of several
norms that have spread in the community. Why this is "racist," I do not
understand. When debates become personal indictments of the students and their
coaches pre-round actions, you have debates devolve into fist fights and
rage--similar to the rage you espouse in your posts.

Why telling Ede and others that merely debating about debate does not solve the
real issue(s) of diversity in debate is racist, I do not know.

I have not seen much of a contribution from you. I have no respect for you
either. So, in the end, get over it and climb back into you nihlist hole..

Love always,


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