[eDebate] Man.....all these convos are getting...hmmm SHITTY

Deven bmoreboi325
Tue Aug 5 21:46:45 CDT 2008

A lot of you are really cowardice and hide behind the online network of edebate, which would be called "internet gangstas" in "black talk." I think all these conversations may have some validity but why not come together in person and discuss them because some of these personal attacks are just ridiculous and if were done in person, one may get their ass whipped. A lot of you talk about what you DO, but some of you in actuality play lip service to these things or create a facade that you do something. Saying that you got some black people on your team isn't an excuse for the whole structural norms of exclusion or alienation that alot of black people who aren't on the Louisville squad feel walking around at tournaments. Most of you fuckers do not even speak when spoken to or bother to say shit like "hi" when you clearly know who someone is in the community, and you claim to be a damn family. Additionally, the white gaze that alot of us feel when we debate in our style makes
 us feel inferior at times, at least me, and it even hurts harder when blacks that claim to be with you are downing you in subtle ways or give a facade of unity. That shit really erks me....i may be venting right now but i really  dont give a fuck !  My black rage has been something i have kept silent since i was a sophmore at Louisvillle, feeling like  i was under a   dictatorial  gaze that could snatch my scholarship in a second if i and others if we didnt obey. 

Some of the judges in this activity claim to be "DOWN" but they be some of the same monfos that pass you in a hall way not acknowledging your existance or care about how you are doing. I also hate when we have to stike people like Greta Stahl or Nikki Barnes because debate shouldn't be a place that we fear that others will be precieved to not have ground to debate us,which is BULLSHIT..if debate gives you so many fucking critical thinking skills go to your damn Africana or black studies department and ask them about ways to answer arguments we make, but i guess that shit is too hard HUH?  i wish these judges would be willing to hear shit we have to say without us being scared of their theortical disposition....and quite soon it may come to the point where we are going to roll some of you for the word choices you make in your judging philosophies to exclude what we do. I need to go back to ADI now....Peace

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