[eDebate] To assface

stephen davis proudsavage
Tue Aug 5 23:57:46 CDT 2008


i could go into a whole lot about why you are wrong here but i dont really
care about you that much and it seems engaging you only ever makes it worse.

please know that i dont care about that round and even the Missouri state
debaters that won know they preffed you as a five for a reason,  i honestly
believe everyone in that round tuned out your decision to avoid catching the
stupid as it flew from your bigoted face.

if you dont know why suggesting the "negroes" get their own  league is
racist than fuck, there is nothing Ede or Jackie or anybody can say that
might make you any less of  an asshole.

im not a nihilist you might know that if you were literate enough to know
that the arg you watched Bard run was specifically its opposite. again, did
i mention that i think you are stupid?
 im serious this time, dont fuckin reply to me or talk to me, or back
channel me or try and friend me on facebook(why you did that i cant
understand) i am intolerant of the intolerant and you sir are a common and
classless bigot masquerading as bridge builder...  go back to raping pigs
and leave this community alone, judging from the number of back channels i
got thanking me for saying what needed to be said  they don't like you

post script---

i feel sorry for the debaters that have to work under this idiot and i think
one of the best lessons we can gain from this whole debacle is that those
kids are not Scott, just as Towson  CL is not  Andy,  the Fort  is not
Shanahan (sic), and it goes without saying that my debaters are not
responsible for my antics. as these discussions get heated it is important
to keep in mind that we coaches are there to assist our debaters and not to
play out our hatred for one another through their argumentative practice.
this activity is theirs and no matter how much we all sit around fighting
with one another, ultimately the direction this activity takes is their
decision   to make and we can resist them and end up a relic or try to hang
on and do whatever we can to help them do with it as they see fit.

On Tue, Aug 5, 2008 at 6:29 PM, <scottelliott at grandecom.net> wrote:

> Stephen,
> Your team lost because their methodology got turned. It was a pretty damn
> good
> turn too- the argument was not that you did not have the perfect
> affirmative,
> but trying to sell the perfect affirmative as a form of advertisement was
> bad--even if it was satirical.  The more I thought about that round, the
> more I
> am convinced I made the right decision. So, really, get over it. I have
> been
> cordial to you before and after the round--even when you a temper tantrum
> baby
> about losing a 5-0 to 5-0 round. But, you can be what you want, which is a
> pompous asshole.
> Your rant about Towson was and is way off the mark. I thought Towson won
> the
> round against the Fort. I watched the round. Ask anyone who spoke to me
> during
> and after the round. I thought the round was going to be a 3-0 for Towson
> after
> the cross ex of the 1NC.  So, I am not sure what you are talking about. I
> thought it was a brilliant strategy against a team that was going to run
> position on competitveness. My debater and I laughed as we left the round
> to
> catch our plane back home. We thought the round was exceedingly clear--for
> Towson. I even congratulated some of the Towson folks. Don't try to
> misconstrue
> my arguments with Ede as some indictment of Towson's performace at CEDA
> Nats. I
> watched them in two outrounds, before we left. Thought they won both pretty
> decisively. You can label me all you want for other things, but on this one
> you
> are being your typical arrogant self.
> That being said, I think debates like these are a logical conclusion of
> several
> norms that have spread in the community. Why this is "racist," I do not
> understand. When debates become personal indictments of the students and
> their
> coaches pre-round actions, you have debates devolve into fist fights and
> rage--similar to the rage you espose in your posts.
> Why telling Ede and others that merely debating about debate does not solve
> the
> real issue(s) of diversity in debate is racist, I do not know.
> I have not seen much of a contribution from you. I have no respect for you
> either. So, in the end, get over it and climb back into you nihlist hole..
> Love always,
> Scott

Stephen M. Davis
Head Debate Coach
Bard College
proudsavage at gmail.com
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