Deven bmoreboi325
Wed Aug 6 03:31:03 CDT 2008

..Dude please as if you didn?t care about winning at all
coming back from tournaments when we would go 0 or 2 or 3 out of  8
you?d be pissed at us and throw rants about how we were lacking, but yet it was a problem in coaching. And your right I was immature, selfish, and angry and we all can work on our imperfections but I see your name calling doesn?t change much...how about let those past people say it for themselves but oh
their not on the team anymore nor graduated from the program cause they were kicked off or quit
.And your just WRONG about the partner situation because in all 2 years at Louisville I debate with  JOHN, SHAUNTRICE,PAUL, and STEPHINE
..Don?t think that?s 5 in 6 months..You know why I didn?t give you credit because none of the people on your team came to watch any of our out rounds, which was suppose to be a norm on the team to watch black people if they break
and yea I could have thanked you for the morning that you came in and told the team to
 choose between YOUR wife or Paul and I

or do you forget we were put off the team right then and there when the team would decide..
and we were called back and for the sake of not having a prorated scholarship I came back, or could I thank you for the constant picking at me because I wasn?t changing fast enough for you, or I could have thanked you for pushing me to have to quit, making the environment uncomfortable with the constant cussing out we?d get. 
  I guess calling the UDLs a plantation was in the best interest of the community too huh? And By the way bill only voted for us once out of the 4 times he judged us if you want to check debateresults. You didn?t create the arguments I used
you advocated them
I?m sure bell hooks, Tim Wise, Charles Mills, Shelton K. Hill (thanks for the Hill article by the way) others created those args that you no longer felt were useful
Original thought? Yea ok as if the strategy we used to win CEDA wasn?t an original thought
I guess MPJ is an original thought that is really working for Louisville
.and there is quite a few words for you but I won?t call names like certain ?grown ups?
  Sir I never said you should be terminated, you said that
..you always want to take stuff to the extreme without dialogue
I won?t debate that cause that?s what you base your life around is debating so I won?t give you that pleasure. But I see you would enjoy trying to destroy someone in public with all your vindictiveness.  You destroyed my educational career enough with your facade of family at Louisville, and sir the other may be in other situations but I wasn?t going let you be the one impediment to my potential success. I don?t care what you have at stake
I don?t want to come in between your family and job
.but damn I see the level that your on man
.guess you had that bottled up for a while LOL
  WOW opponents can use this in debates? Cool
whatever that means 
  I?m not even going to engage you anymore because I?d be participating in what I critiqued
You have a great long lived life SIR
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