[eDebate] GSU Hotel Reminder

Dr. Joe Bellon debate.gsu
Wed Aug 6 08:39:00 CDT 2008

I know school hasn't even started for most of us, so I concede that this
reminder is a bit premature. However, I've just received the first of my
traditional panicked phone calls from the person managing our block of
reservations at the Marriott. If you have an idea how many rooms you're
going to need, please try to make reservations soon.

On a side note, I know that some of you have made it a tradition to stay in
hotels other than the tournament hotel in the past -- in large part due to
cost concerns. I know that it is possible for you to find cheaper housing in
Atlanta, but I would like you to consider staying at the tournament hotel
this year. We've made a serious effort to reduce housing costs (free
parking! free parking!), and it's really hard to find a hotel that won't
charge us an arm and a leg for elim space if we can't sell out the block.

Thanks for a moment of your time.

Dr. Joe Bellon
Director of Debate
Georgia State University
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