[eDebate] Professional Conduct

David Glass gacggc
Wed Aug 6 09:19:34 CDT 2008

Though quite new to college debate, after having spent >30 years
coaching high school, it does seem necessary to urge everyone to
remember some things... but to say in advance that these are
observations anyone could make, and do not come from any particular
place of privilege:

1)  Educators have a particular professional responsibility to their
students... actually to all students.

2) Teaching does not end at the classroom door; everything you do and
say can be held up to contextualize your teaching, both negatively and

3) Professionals are asked to adhere to codes of conduct.  This may in
many instances require them to subjugate feelings and to alter
behavior to be in compliance with this code.  These required norms
have evolved for the protection of the subjects of  each profession,
but now clearly also exist to protect the professionals as well.

4)  This is an open forum, as is college debate itself.  What goes on
here and at tournaments does not happen in some closed-away place.  In
particular edebate is archived and searchable, and people can, will
and should be held accountable for what they write here.  This goes
for students as well as teachers - and since students will live longer
past their writings here, they risk being held accountable longer for
things which in prior times would have been unsearchable and

Before you post, you are urged to take a few steps away from your
computer, and consider the multiple contexts that exist in which your
behavior can and will be judged, including by people outside of the
debate culture, who have their own standards and contexts.

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