[eDebate] Public Thanks

Andrew Michael-Don Casey acasey3
Wed Aug 6 10:33:31 CDT 2008

Don't mean to interrupt the chaos...in all fairness im almost getting a 
slight chuckle out of some of this. which is just what i need after the 
last week.

But, I'd like to thank everyone who sent support to my family and I 
during our difficult time. After 5 days of ICU and 1 day pediatric care 
at Integris Baptist Hospital my son Keegan was officially discharged 
from the hospital yesterday around noon. We are incredibly relieved to 
finally be home and have keegan back to almost 100%. The intubation 
period wore him out but In the next few days he should be back to his 
regular self.

once again thanks to everyone who called, sent texts, flowers, or 
emails. It is much appreciated!


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