Adam Jackson baltimoredebate
Wed Aug 6 16:57:06 CDT 2008

I've come a long way from the nerdy, quiet, conservative Baltimore kid you
knew to the man you know today. I've done a 180 turn in the way that I think
about life debate and people (with a little help from you).

Also, I think that everyone in the community (including myself) has an
immense amount of respect for the work you have done the past few years in
the DC, and you are (as DB describes) one of the best visionaries in debate.


I (like Andy) will not allow you to disrespect my colleagues, my team and
(most importantly) my family through internet postings. Most of the time I
ignore what you say and move on with my day because I don't want to give you
the satisfaction of fucking up my mood. But the shit you've been saying
moves WAY beyond debate Ede...you're disrespecting us...and I'm not having
that shit.

If you're gonna spend your time and energy keeping someone who's supposed to
be you're student from achieving success because you're salty about never
winning a national championship when he was at your school, then there's no
reason for you to fuck with me or my family.

You can sit an PRETEND like you're the uber-revolutionary who's changing the
activity....when the reality his...you're just another coach who fell off,
and now Towson is at the forefront....and I know it hurts, but at this
point, I don't really give a fuck.

You are a grown ass man, if you want to build coalitions and help advance
the movement, then the next time you wanna post something to eDebate, stop,
think, and pick up the phone, and call us....otherwise....Fuck your rantings
and bitterness because I'm not taking this shit from someone who's supposed
to be my ally.

Cut this shit out Ede.

Side note: Whoever "vacuous vacuous" is....If I ever find out who you are,
and I see you at a tournament, I'm puttin' that ass to sleep. Not a
threat...a promise.

-The Real Adam J.
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