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Subject: Uplift progression, not pettiness
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Date: Wed, August 06, 2008 4:43 pm
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From: Shauntrice Martin <shauntricemartin at yahoo.com>
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From: Shauntrice Martin <shauntricemartin at yahoo.com>
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Date: Wednesday, August 6, 2008, 6:07 PM

The real question we have to ask ourselves is this: *as revolutionaries,
change-makers, and genuine organic intellectuals why do we decide to fight
in public among our common enemies?* El Hajj Malik El Shabazz talked about
this. What positive solutions and rebuilding can we gain from acting a fool?
Being uncouth and displaying a horrid lack of decorum neither promotes
change nor accomplishes liberation. I believed in the Louisville project
whole-heartedly during my two year tenure. Even when I was put off the team,
I still believe(d) the debate community was an inherently racist institution
set up to maintain status quo.

I have never posted on edebate and this will be the only time you see a post
from me. I was Deven's partner for the longest amount of time. He helped me
grow intellectually and spiritually. We were one of the most competitive
teams in Louisville's history (from the Liz/Tonia era to now). I'm not going
to let anyone talk crazy about someone who has been a brother to me. I could
spill all kinds of information of people trying to sleep with people, folks
threatening to slit throats, being sexually explicit in front of children,
and other true events?but they are all petty and irrelevant to the struggle.
I'm sure Kentucky , Wake, Northwestern, and all debate teams have their
internal issues?but people are dying in the streets while we type. Little
girls are homeless. 13 year old Black boys are being sent to adult prison
for 20 years--and in case you're thinking they're murderers and rapists,
they stole parked cars. Working class people are being evicted. Native
Americans are being forced to breathe in uranium dust and the USFG breaks
contracts with them all the time. Police in Dayton Ohio tased a blind Black
woman. People like me support their entire family on less than $30,000 a
year.  Those who do give a fuck about real issues need to quit bitching and
do something substantive (which involves you getting off edebate and off
your ass). Anybody who is willing to engage this nonsense is more
superfluous than a talking peanut M&M?it's kind of funny for 30 seconds and
then you need to move on with your life and take care of business. Besides
that, I'm positive that a student at the University of Louisville (former or
otherwise) has the right to confidentiality concerning certain happenings.
It's sad that someone in a position of authority would so grossly break that
confidentiality...but it is what it is.

Whatever gets aired about me personally doesn't matter. The I and I know Jah
go protect me, cah de rasta empress doh fear nuttin. What truly matters is
how we proceed from here. These fictitious and malicious divisions are
distractions (like Marx said) that allow  all the fucked-up conditions in
this society to thrive.

Jah Bless

Shauntrice L. Martin
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