[eDebate] Confession and Guilt

Deven bmoreboi325
Wed Aug 6 19:41:44 CDT 2008

I don't understand why dr. warner thinks my original post was all about him because it wasn't.....i barely like to pay him or his coaching staff any mind...that one part about how i felt under his team was true for quite a few people...wasn't a lie..and i'm not playing the victim here i know who i was 3-4 years ago and that is the past. If dr.warner red the post to be about him hes sadly mistaken, he isnt the only black person/people in this community....but maybe that didnt dawn on him and he got so enraged to air alot of "dirty laundry" when i could air much more that all us students talked about...not giving fuck if it hurts dr. warner or not but for decency i wont air such things although he has no problem airing them about me...Sad........

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