[eDebate] Debate Good, Random narratives about racism bad.

Aaron Swanlek agswanlek
Thu Aug 7 13:43:24 CDT 2008

Ok, this is my second year in the game and i'm dumbstruck;

Not by the activity itself, i have one heck of a coach who has prepared me
to be competitive against the best. So what am i confused with you say,

The lack of discussion about A. The topic. and B. Tournament information or
C. Ways to make the game better

So i decided i thought of a good way to get information on whats going on in
the "Community" by signing up for edebate,  little did i know what i was
getting myself into.  Ad homs, swearing, and random narratives about who is
bigot a or b(by the way i'm half black, and i really don't know what kinda
racism y'all see)

As debaters we are looked at as respectful intellectuals who spend major
amounts of their free time preparing for the next tournament.  We give away
our summers and part of our social lives because we love to argue about
relevant information. Do you think things that go on Edebate just disappear?
When a nineteen year old from middle of no where Pa can call out "Grown Men"
who sound like they are 12 should give you a signal that this needs to stop.
All programs are going to have to spend more money to travel, something we
can all agree on, so if the allocators of resources just so happen to see
our "Forum" what do you think is going to happen. Debate won't die from the
plethora of new arguments teams put forward which deviate from the norm, or
this ideological divisiveness on  what is legitimate but rather the
immaturity of some of our smartest individuals.

You all may think your name calling, and threats go unnoticed, but trust me
they do.

I'm just writing this because A. I'm tired of looking through stupid posts
and B. I want everyone who is in this game to be successful in all of their
endeavors, so don't let your words on line be your Achilles heel.

:-) Yours Truly,
Aaron George Swanlek
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