[eDebate] Brief followup on Shanahan Dress and Judging Remuneration

Art Kyriazis akbiotech
Thu Aug 7 14:26:28 CDT 2008

Dear Folks:

Since posting yesterday, have had some exchanges via email with very 
respected coaches and peers in the community re: Shanahan and judging rates.

Let me amend my posts as follows;

1)  First, I have the utmost respect for all of the members of CEDA, NDT 
and the debate and coaching community. 

2)  It is VERY important that we ensure that all african american, 
female, disabled, transgendered, differently sexually oriented, and all 
other groups feel completely comfortable at all times, and that we 
create a workplace and academic environment in which all persons feel 
free to participate in academic debate freely and comfortably.  This is 
what we expect in our universities, and our workplaces, and this is what 
we should have in CEDA and NDT.

3)  I completely withdraw my comments on dress.  All of you and any of 
you can dress any which way you want.  

4)  It's been pointed out to me that anyone of us can have a bad hair 
day which happens to be caught on film, and furthermore that Prof. 
Shanahan is otherwise a very brilliant and dedicated educator.  
Consequently, I wish to retract my comments on Prof. Shanahan in their 
entirety, and wish only to say, (a) it is unfortunate that the incident 
occurred and (b) doubly unfortunate that incident made its way to film.  
I understand of Prof. Shanahan's brilliance, and perhaps everyone should 
get a mulligan even if it's caught on youtube. 

5)  I do agree with Prof. Mitchell that this does raise the precise 
analogous issue of /Batson v. Kentucky, /
476 U.S. 79 (1986), and that the use of MPJ to knock off the only and 
last African American judge off of a five judge or three judge panel is 
quite analogous to using peremptory challenges to intentional exclusion 
of black jurors from the venire pool.  I join in his learned analysis of 
analogizing the /Batson/ rationale to MPJ.  For myself, I would amend 
MPJ to prohibit the exclusion of the last African American from any 
debate judging panel in accord with /Batson/ as applied to debate. 

6)  On judging, my hope was to be available to serve as a judge 
non-affiliated at either the Clarion or Kings College tournament.  I do 
not wish to be paid more or less than the going market rate or to stake 
out any exorbitant or ridiculous demands. 

7)  the simple answer if you want me to work at the going rate is to 
hire me as an assistant traveling judge for the year and then you can 
have me at a flat salary.  That would be suitable for me since then I 
would be gaining an academic credential on my resume and the money would 
not be as important to me.  I emphasize again I am not motivated by 
money in any way.

7)  I have only the highest and greatest respect for all of you, and I 
especially respect your comment and feedback. 

--art kyriazis

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