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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sun Aug 10 10:28:38 CDT 2008

After this post my days as a edebater are done, from this point forward i
will use this forum exclusivly for announcements, and occasional advocacy
for official ndt or ceda business.

Many of you know that i will not be working with Towson next year, it has
been an amazing time, and as a tiger alum i will always support the team,
but the margins of academic labor are an unsure and often unpredictable

Starting monday i will work full time for YOURS (Youth Organizing Urban
Revitalization Systems) a Baltimore based non profit which has in the past
worked on a whole host of programs with Baltimore youth. For the short term
we will focus on two main programs, the YOURS Store a newly opened youth
business cooperative with both a storefront and a webstore, and Baltimore
College Debate, the program to build new college debate programs that  i
have been focusing on here in Baltimore for the last several years.

It has been fun, and while i am not per se leaving college debate, i will
after all be hosting 3-6 college debate tournaments, coaching students at
several schools, and running a comprehensive resource site on line, my focus
is not on debates about debate. It is on on providing material and
structural opportunities to expand debate, as an opportunity for youth

Now I did say after this post. Thus Here are some arguments

1. I watched the gas price discussion and the air line discussion and i
thought i would refer you back to a post i had written a while ago.
It is my fundamental belief that those of us in urban areas like this one
must (3.00 a gallon gas = must) form local debate alternatives, we must
dedicate energy and resources to supporting the other schools in our city,
not just for our city or the other schools, but because if current trends
continue we will in order to compete we will need to have nearly zero cost
tournaments that we can attend without having to 1) rent cars and drive
hundreds of miles over the course of weekends 2) rent multiple hotel rooms
3) pay rising entry fees 4) all of the other expenses associated with
driving people hundreds of miles, the key thing we can do is run and
local tournaments, if there is a viable competitive local tournament
structure between philly and dc then it will be much easier to allow the
cities programs the ability to debate while getting their funding.

We must accept that if we are not willing to make structural changes no
amount of edebate discussion is going to sway that many people, and the
current trend is going to continue, and the real war will be on those
programs with less money and farther away from the cosmopolotion world of
the upper echelons of college debate. Localization especially in the areas
where the regions are weak, can quickly build a local travel circuit which
replaces the regional travel schedule that not only saves the team that
launches the program money and lets them have more debaters, but also allows
other teams from the local to grow.

Ok really thats it...One last thing some BCD Announcements

With the time i  normally spend edebating and thinking of the next great
strategy i will this week finish the following:
Invites and schedules for 08-09 bcd tournaments
Update, finish and announce the file set from the summer coop
Post the videos shot during our coop
Announce the membership program
Post the first wave of program assistance materials.

Thats not chest beating or listing how good i am, thats an explanation for
at least 7 people as to why i am writing this email if i have stuff to do ;)

And With that, Thanks its been fun.

Andy Ellis
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