[eDebate] Mason Miller: Reason Personified

Jay Hawk ostertaglives
Thu Aug 14 10:19:40 CDT 2008

Chew on those words for a moment. Mason Miller--voice of responsibility.  The end is near.

fully understand Hester's arguments that debate can survive, and I
suspect he is likely correct.  However, there is no reason for people
int his activity to be pricks to each other--none.  Why create an
unnecessary grounds for attacking the activity? The activities in that
video are embarrassing because they undermine a foundational principle
of our activity--that we can strenuously and passionately disagree with
each other and still treat each other with kindness and respect.

a previous post I mentioned that the behavior on this list and in this
round made me question whether or not I could encourage my son (real,
not hypothetical) to do debate.  Well, someone forwarded the CNN link
to my wife and she has formed a pretty strong opinion on the
matter--and that makes me sad.  Debate is expensive and
time-consuming--and parents, alums, and potential are not going to want
to invest in the activity if participants (let alone coaches) will not
behave with some modicum of maturity.

is hard enough having a highly technical activity filled with an array
of jargon (both K and policy).  If you show no concern at all for how
the activity is seen by  he outside world, you cannot be surprised when
the outside world is hesitant to give you support.

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