[eDebate] NDT archives start to get coverage as well...and some positive

Stefan Bauschard stefan.bauschard
Thu Aug 14 11:30:12 CDT 2008


"You can read one of the debaters' full explanation in
but what you really want is the video..."

"Directors of debate across the country are concerned that, because the
video was on CNN.com's front page yesterday, the incident will reflect
poorly on the activity as a whole. Here's the screenshot."

"College debate isn't what what the limited books and movies would have you
believe. It's stranger, smarter, and dare I say *better* than just about any
other educational activity. More than just "talking pretty," debate requires
an intricate mix of intellect, confidence, and strategic thought --
qualities it also helps develop. As such, it attracts brilliant
personalities. Brilliant personalities that are sometimes abrasive and
erratic.....That being said, while this video is an aberration, it does
offer a window into some portions of debate. These aren't shy nerds reading
off of recipe cards. These are passionate, often forceful people delving
into the arcane but beautiful world of argument. With exposed asscheeks, on
occasion. Is it any wonder I want to write a book about this stuff?"

On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 10:58 AM, Jay Hawk <ostertaglives at yahoo.com> wrote:

> For an activity that thrives on selective quotations (freed from the
> context that gives them meaning) (a practice I have no problem with), nobody
> should be surprised by inaccuracies in media coverage.
> Debate is not interesting enough to the average person to warrant the type
> of detailed fact-checking that some folks seem to think is proper.
> Irrespective of whether it should have been done, once this video went on
> youtube, the debate community lost the ability to control this story.
> Luckily, it will likely just fizzle out with minimal damage done. It is the
> way we are willing to treat and talk with each other, and not the story,
> that I think we should be concerned with.
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