[eDebate] Congratulations

Josh jbhdb8
Thu Aug 14 11:37:33 CDT 2008

Excellent work....The dogs have arrived....the vultures are
circling....Instead of everyone just working it out amongst
ourselves or even reporting/sending it to Fort Hays its now in the hands of
 the Chronical of Higher Education and Inside Higher Education and CBS
news to make sure someone who has given extensively to our community is
destroyed.  Did you all actually want blood?  Well, you have it now....Next
time someone decides to "out" our community remember real people with
families and careers are on the other end of your anger over debate rounds.

Did he deserve this?  Not the kind of press it is getting...internal review
is one thing getting exorcised in the press is another.

The one thing NOBODY has addressed is my original observation that as long
as "the personal" is made the focus of debate rounds "personal" reactions
will be the result.

Even if I am wrong about standards of proffessional conduct and how they
should be dealt with..I am pretty sure the method used in this case at least
really hurt a few really good people who had a bad moment.

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