[eDebate] The ADI rocks your socks

Jim Schultz everybodylovesjim
Thu Aug 14 16:39:39 CDT 2008

I want to thank the entire staff at the ADI for an educational and fun 2

Despite my best efforts I managed to get a jump on the topic, learn more
about debate, and meet some amazing folks. Symmonds put together an amazing
staff that was always willing to go the extra mile (sometimes covering that
mile more than once), while smiling the entire way. Its very clear the
entire staff loves debate, loves teaching, and loves teaching debate enough
to get underpaid for putting up with the likes of me while in the desert.
Seriously, I cannot say enough how nice everyone was and how much of a good
time everyone seemed to have. Its no wonder that over 100 college students
gave up part of their summer to labor over ag subsidies in the desert.

Thank you to Dr. Dave for making the fellows lab the most productive and fun
it could be without burning us out. If anyone is on the fence about going to
be an ADI fellow next year, you should unquestionably take the opportunity.
It will absolutely be among the best 2 weeks you will ever have in debate.
Although you will be hard pressed to put together a more talented and fun
group of fellows than we had this summer, even though Clare was a fellow.

I wanna give a shout out to Beth Mendenhall, who not only can walk through
walls, but was possibly the perfect fellow to compliment me in lab. Yall are
lucky she was under Dr.s orders not to debate or we would have made some
fools cry. Most seriously I want to give dap to Jason Russell for making
those 2 weeks more fun than anyone should have in lab at debate camp. You
are the man.*

Thank you all so much.

You can now return to the vitriol and rounding up the mob.

Jim Schultz
West GA BS

* Smelko is still actually the man.
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