[eDebate] the Pittsburgh Post Gazette is a joke

michael hester uwgdebate
Fri Aug 15 09:01:56 CDT 2008

i was interviewed by multiple news outlets yesterday. all but one were very
professional, actually trying to gather information and asking the
appropriate questions.

the exception was the reporter from the PPG. Bill Schacter (?). he was a
complete prick. worse, he was a poor reporter. by identifying myself as a
first-person witness to the events, i assumed he'd actually care what i had
to say. instead, he kept trying to correct me. when i explained that the two
people arguing were not participants in the debate, he said, "yes, they
were." i emphasized they were NOT and began trying to explain what a debate
entails. he repeatedly interrupted me, telling ME what was happening in the
debate (which was funny, since when the conversation started, he didn't even
know what i meant by "i'm the red head in the video" and had to watch it
again before he could ask me questions). when i start to explain the debate
was over and the two going at it were not participants in  that round, he
interrupts me again and says "yes, they were, there were the coaches of the
two teams." this is the freakin' reporter for the PITTSBURGH Post Gazette,
and he doesn't even understand that one of the two people in the video works
at the Univ of Pittsburgh?!

he was unprofessional, rude, and clearly had an agenda about what he wanted
to write about, damn the facts.


p.s. - any team that reads a Consult CP using Pitt-Post Gazette evidence in
front of me will get block 24's.
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