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James Lyle jrlyle
Fri Aug 15 11:42:05 CDT 2008

 2 things:

1. I've attached a more formal version of the invite to our tournament.

2. Hotel block closes in 2 weeks. Just a reminder to get rooms now.

August 15, 2008

Dear Colleague:

Clarion University would like to invite you to the second annual Clarion
University Autumn Debate Tournament. This tournament is sanctioned by the
American Debate Association and the Cross Examination Debate Association and
adheres to the rules of each organization including sexual harassment
policies. The preliminary rounds will be Friday and Saturday with
theelimination rounds on Sunday. We will have three divisions of
debate, Open,
Junior Varsity, and Novice.

We will be using the Comfort Inn as our tournament hotel, which has agreed
to provide a rate of 65.00/night.  The Comfort Inn has high-speed internet
and provides a continental breakfast.

We'd like to say that we don't have to raise our fees at all, and if we are
able to garner some outside support for the tournament then maybe we won't
but for now we are planning on the following: $25.00 per person and a $10.00
fee for each team entered. If fees are an issue, please contact us and we
will do our best to help with constraints.

We look forward to seeing you this fall.  And, if you need some incentives
to come:

1. We will offer Open, JV, and Novice divisions with the appropriate number
of out-rounds as per ADA/CEDA rules.

2. We will be providing lunch on both Saturday and Sunday and will maintain
a hospitality room with drinks and snacks during the course of the

3. Northwest Pennsylvania, with the changing fall leaves, is quite

4. Traveling Trophies ? We will be awarding traveling trophies to the
champion in each division, in addition to a permanent award for those

We look forward to seeing you in September.


Jim Lyle

Director of Debate

Phone: 814-393-2476

Fax: 814-393-1623

Email: jlyle at clarion.edu



The entry deadline will be September 24, 2008 at 3:00 pm. You may email your
entry but I would prefer that you use the online entry system (www,
debateresults.com).   There will be a morning registration from 11:00am to
1:30 pm at the Comfort Inn. Afternoon registration will take place on campus
(locationTBA) between 2:00 and 3:00 pm.


The tournament hotel is the Comfort Inn with a rate of $65.00/night.  Please
make your reservations ASAP as (1) the block ends on August 28th and (2) we
are a new tournament so we are unsure how many rooms to anticipate needing.
This deadline will give us time to secure more rooms if needed.  The contact
information for the Comfort Inn is: 129 Dolby St., Clarion, PA 16214, (814)
226-5230.  Note: rooms are available after the 28th at the same rate but the
block reverts back to general public availability. While this may seem to be
of marginal importance given the normal frequency of travelers to Clarion,
the Autumn Leaf Festival begins on the 28th and this will make it much
harder to get rooms after the block closes.


Each school is responsible for providing a qualified judge for your
obligations. One judge will cover up to 2 teams, 2 judges - 4 teams, etc.
There is a limited possibility of hiring a judge for $30 per uncovered
round.  The number of available judges for hire from the tournament is
limited so let me know ASAP if judging is needed and we will do what we can.


Separate elimination rounds will be held for teams in Open, Junior Varsity
and Novice. See ADA and CEDA rules for definitions.


We will use the 2008-2009 CEDA/NDT/ADA debate topic.  We will offer 6 rounds
of preliminary competition and clear up to half the field in each division
into the elimination rounds.  Open/JV/Novice will use the 9-3-6 format with
10 minutes of preparation time.  Rounds 1 and 2 will be random; rounds 3-6
will be power-matched.  Round 4 will be lag-paired off the first 2
rounds.  Hybrids
? Are allowed and can clear to the elimination rounds.


Awards will be given to the top 10 speakers in each division and for teams
in each division from the quarterfinals on.  We reserve the right to give
additional awards.


Entry fees are $25 per person, and $10 team.  A person is defined as anyone
associated with a program. Fees are due at registration. If you are a small
program and have financial constraints, please contact us and we can make
arrangements to overcome financial barriers.

We reserve the right to charge a fee for dropped persons after the deadline.
The late drop fee would be $20/person.


For further information, contact me at: Jim Lyle, Director of Debate, MMAJCS
Department, Clarion University, 840 Wood St., Clarion, PA, 16214, or through
email (jlyle at clarion.edu), or via phone (814-393-2476).

If we have further information to get to you, we will do so as soon as we
can via www.ndtceda.com.

Tournament Schedule

Friday, September 26
11:00 Registration (at hotel)
3:30 Round 1
5:45 Round 2

Saturday, September 27
8:30 Round 3
10:45 Round 4
2:00 Round 5
4:30 Round 6

Sunday, September 28
1st elim
Elims Continue
Lunch available
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