[eDebate] Shanara Youtube attack

Josh jbhdb8
Sun Aug 17 14:06:03 CDT 2008

Seriously people,

This is showing some really really nasty tendencies and I sincerely hope
nobody thinks "getting" Shanara will somehow make you feel better about the
attacks on Bill.  Hopefully, this very specific information filled Youtube
clip wasnt from someone in our community...that would be really really sad.

Let me try this one time for everyone:

1. Debate coaches dont make a ton of money, they dont get much sleep, they
never have weekends or holidays like normal people - sometimes that causes
some excess.  Mostly because of passion for argument and the activity.  Most
debate coaches spend most of their time trying to find ways to even get
teams to tournaments given state and school budgets.  Cut these folks a
little break...Is destroying them really going to make you feel better
somehow?  If so, shouldnt you ask yourself why?  Sure, that was way over the
top....but did you leave the theater in Grease because the T-Birds showed
their butts?

2. Fame/Attention/Press is inherently conservatizing....Think about the
implication of attention....all of the reports are like "they don't wear
shoes, they dont look professional, they said 'racism.'

We have a nice argumentative space in debate where people can test out new
ideas, be themselves, even say things that the majority of Americans would
think radical beyond the pale....Do you really want this attention?  People
in my office and administration at Michigan forwarded me the clip without
any knowledge of edebate or this discussion.

Its possible pandora's box is open and we will just have to deal with
it....however, could we not fan the flames so high?


ps. I also agree with Hester that we can defend debate...and I have in all
my conversations with the billion people who saw the clips. Doesnt mean we
cant try to stop killing each other.
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