[eDebate] UNI tournament

Catherine Palczewski Catherine.Palczewski
Mon Aug 18 15:12:18 CDT 2008

Greetings all,

As coaches begin to make travel plans, I wanted to send out a reminder 
that UNI will be offering all three divisions (novice, JV and open).

We know it often is difficult to get novices ready to compete early in 
the year, but we have figured out a plan that seems to help. The first 
2-4 rounds (depending on your students' level of readiness) are devoted 
to a novice workshop, taught by coaches. We set students up with a 1AC 
as well as negative positions, so that they are guaranteed to have 
things to say when they begin debating.

We also work diligently to make sure that those assigned to judge the 
novice debates look at them as important teaching moments, so that the 
new debaters are really given a supportive and challenging environment 
in which to learn.

So, as you make plans, think about UNI.

Kate Lavelle, DOF
Cate Palczewski, debate coach
Kelsey Harr, debate coach

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