[eDebate] September 13-14 Invitation and other Baltimore College Debate announcements

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Wed Aug 20 11:30:34 CDT 2008


I have several announcements to make regarding Baltimore College Debate

1)Sept 13-14 Tournament  Invitation
2)Membership Program
3)Evidence Set
4) New Website & Blog

1) The invitation for the September 13-14 Tournament is posted on debate
results and is also available here

2)This year we will continue to offer memberships to Baltimore College
Membership is $200 and includes *10 slots worth of entry fees at our regular
season tournaments *First Priority for students from your school to be
fellows at the 2009 Summer Coop *A CD with all evidence produced at the 2008
Summer Coop *A YOURS T-Shirt *$50 Discount on Online Coop
Memberships can be purchased online at
http://www.theyoursstore.com/product.sc?categoryId=3&productId=33 . You can
also contact us directly and arrange a different method of payment.
andy at baltimorecollegedebate.org

3)The evidence set from the Baltimore College Debate Cooperative is
available. It contains nearly 1000 pages of evidence, in over 30 different
files. You also receive audio files of all lectures from the cooperative.
Your purchase includes a CD, plus a login to our exclusive members website
which includes all of the evidence currentlty produced, updates throughout
the season, and exclusive access to learning materials. The website is an
interactive environment in which you can always access and modify the
resources to suit your needs. Customized for each user, the online
cooperative site is a useful resource that will be active and updated
throughout the season. The evidence set and membership to the online
cooperative is $150. You can purchase it here
upon request i can send you a list of files with descriptions

4) We are in the process of launching a new website and blog.
www.baltimorecollegedebate.org is our main site and
www.baltimorecollegedebate.info/wordpress/  is our blog.

Thank you and i look forward to seeing many of you throughout the season in
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