[eDebate] CEDA quarters briefing

Mitchell, Gordon Roger gordonm
Thu Aug 21 16:19:02 CDT 2008

Dear colleagues,

I have generated a PowerPoint briefing designed for University of Pittsburgh administrators to help them interpret the 8-minute post-round YouTube video clip from the 2008 CEDA quarterfinal round. The briefing pursues the following objectives:

- Build general context to help those unfamiliar with debate understand the CEDA 2008 quarterfinals (controversial video is best understood within its context);

- Elucidate aspects of the debate itself most relevant to the post-round discussion;

- Draw connections between substance of the debate and Batson jurisprudence (this may provide non-debate audiences with an real-world analog of the issues being debated).

Recognizing that the briefing could be a valuable resource to others around the country who face a need to explain the 8-minute YouTube clip, officials at the University of Pittsburgh have authorized its limited release.

If you are interested in viewing the briefing on a confidential basis, email isocratic at gmail.com and I will reply with access instructions.



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