[eDebate] Thanks a lot, Adam

Jon Wright jwright012
Fri Aug 22 12:29:06 CDT 2008

Adam Jackson-

I hope you're pleased with this outcome.  I'm not sure what you were trying to accomplish by posting this YouTube video.  Did you want to start a dialogue about racism in the community?  Did you want to highlight a perceived injustice?

Or did you just want to make a spectacle of Bill and Shanara blowing up?  Judging from your original post, that seems like what you were shooting for.  Congratulations, you got it.  If your goal was to get Bill fired, you successfully accomplished it.  Truly, you are a hero throwing down structures of oppression.

Judging from all the comments on the YouTube video (which you have since removed), I don't think the populace at large agrees with you, though.  From what I read, they seem to think that this video illustrates everything that's wrong with "liberal academia."  There were some pretty disgusting and racist comments about Bill and Shanara.  I looked around for some posts about how this video demonstrated the need to confront racism in debate, or to change how we select judges.  Didn't see any.

Maybe you really were aiming for Bill to get fired, and you're pleased about what happened.  That's possible, but I hope you think about the fact that what you did has hurt real people.  I'm not justifying Bill or Shanara's behavior, but I can think of a million other ways you could have tried to rectify things short of posting a video for the whole world to see.  I hope you're happy that your flippant post cost Bill and his family his job, and cost all the Fort Hays debaters their program.  I doubt that you've done Shanara's employment any favors, either.

If your goal was to start some sort of dialogue and confront racism, I think you went about it in the worst way possible.  To quote J.K. Simmons in Thank You For Smoking, "Frankly, I just cannot imagine a way you could have fucked up more."

I hope you feel like an asshole.


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