[eDebate] With Sadness in my Heart

nicholas brady nicholas.brady89
Fri Aug 22 13:33:53 CDT 2008

It is with sadness in my heart that i hear about what is happening to our
debate community. It does not seem like it was long ago that i was making
blocks against arguments like "conservative backlash" and "conservative
infiltration" when i was running a project affirmative. Sadly this is
beginning to occur in real life. I know neither of the people who have been
indited in this video, and i will make no comment on what they did. A
picture speaks a thousand words, and a video can get a million hits; so my
opinion is unnecessary. But I do have one thing to say about this whole

This all could have been avoided if Adam had not posted the video. But, as
my coworker said when she saw the video, it is also the the fault of the
people who were involved in the altercation, so let us not completely draw
our anger towards him. But i would ask that Adam makes some sort of
statement regarding the video he posted and the effect it has had on this
community and on two people's lives. Unlike myself who can easily come into
contact with Adam, most of our community can really only read the message he
put on edebate when he posted the video. I do plan to contact Adam about
this matter, because the spectacle this video has made has been very
damaging to a community i can only presume he really loves. The effects are
angering -- to see people who are very ignorant on debate begin to shoot
down the activity as being barbaric brings out a rage within me that I
normally reserve for things like oppression. We need to come together as a
community to truly figure out how to change it -- the time for games are
over. We truly need to figure out how to save it now that it is in real dire
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