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gabe murillo gabejmurillo
Fri Aug 22 13:53:38 CDT 2008

Today, in between thoughts and meetings I?ve been thinking
of two things, what would George Z say to me about our current situation, and
what should we do from here. Here?s what I?ve come up with:
It seems that it would now be impossible to argue that our decorum
on this list serve does not affect the personal lives of members of this
community, not to mention the livelihood of the community as a whole. While I
understand the urge to react instantaneously and incredibly specifically to the
person(s) that we blame for this occurrence, I would urge that as a community
we understand the need to be productive ? and not destructive -  to our ability to engage and support
each other. Maybe it?s just the K debater in me ? but I am
reminded of Butler?s argument about the consequences of short -circuiting
mourning and grief with aggressive actions. It appears to me that as a
community we need to pursue a productive and long-term task of mourning our
losses, instead of pursuing a continuing path of anger and hurtful words as a
means of remedying that feeling of rage at the pits of our stomachs after Fort
Hayes released their decision this morning. Maybe our discussion should center
on the ethics of our means of communication, and what we are willing to say and
not say, do and not do, in an age where communication on the internet will no
longer stay insular to our community. We need a discussion of what to do when
each of our administrations hears about the Fort Hayes decisions, and more
specifically their meta-criticism of our community. Lets not allow our remorse
to translate into continuation of the general lack of care or concern that has
been shown on this list serve. We should work together so that we can answer
the questions of our administrations with specific examples, specific people,
specific contacts that can defend the decency and relevance of this community.
This community is the only one where I could find a home, because it allows for
so many people with so many differences to get together and be productive, and
I?m not ready to let that fact be forgotten, and I?m willing to fight for every
person to continue to have the opportunities I was fortunate to have. Can we
generally agree that our current aggressive postures have only led to disastrous
consequences for us all? 
I cannot overstate how much my thoughts are with bill, his family and the entire Fort
Hays squad, I hope people will let me know what I can do to help them
Gabe Murillo 

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