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she asked me (hester) to forward this to edebate:

Here are some actions I am considering after what has happened to Bill:

1.  Investigate state laws on recording without permission and be certain to
know my rights before I decide to attend any debate tournament.  Request
that each tournament institute a policy on taping and the subsequent sharing
of those tapes with anyone.  Host tournaments should take responsibility and
be prepared to combat the press, administrators, and disgruntled debaters
and coaches should unapproved taping and this form of public retaliation
happen again.

2.  Have my debaters state at the beginning of each debate that they do not
give permission to be taped or have any tape shared with anyone without
their consent.  Record all members present in the room, including all
observers, and have them sign a form indicating they will not secretly tape
or show a tape to anyone.  (So much for education.)

3.  Refuse to judge teams notorious for arguing with a judge after his or
her decision, or for that matter refuse to judge teams who are any way
associated with individuals known to argue with a judge's decision.  Just
walk to the tab room and say, "I refuse to judge this team because they (or
someone close to them) have been known to publicly harass the judge if they
do not like the decision."

4.  Never disclose your decision as a judge.  Sign your ballot and leave the
room.  (George Z. would still say that this prevents lots of problems.)

5.  Instruct my debaters that if an opponent calls them racist or any other
"ist", or refers to any of their actions as racist or any other "ist", that
they can leave the room and refuse to engage in the debate.  They can take
the loss.  I don't care.  I still don't see the difference between calling
someone a racist and calling their actions racist.  There is no difference.
More educators should be pointing that out to their students.

6.  Ask CEDA/NDT to hire in-house counsel to aid members of the community
when they become subjects of such a public attack after acting legitimately
within their rights as a coach.  Last time I checked a strike sheet meant
the coach and debaters had a right to strike.  If people don't like the
strike sheet, or who appears on a strike sheet, then they should take that
up with the tournament administrators, not the people who engage in their
right to strike.  Or ask the coach and team to provide a reason for the
strike prior to the round, and have them write it down, so that others can't
speculate and make up reasons why someone was struck.

7.  If one decides to allow taping, ask that the ENTIRE EVENT be taped, from
the point that everyone walks in the room until everyone leaves.  Everyone
talks about the 8 minute video, so where is the video of the 10 minutes
before?  I believe that if ALL of the events were recorded and shared that
many would have a much different perspective of the 8 minute video.

As someone who wasn't there, but knows Bill to be one of the most generous,
humble, and patient members of this community, I am disgusted that so many
people have judged an action and not the man.  I am not surprised, however,
as most of the people attacking Bill have not been a part of the debate
community for that long and barely know the man.  Those defending Bill have
been around for decades, or have had close relationships with Bill, and know
that what has happened (since the moment the decision was rendered) is wrong
and shameful.



8. Don't moon anyone!
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