[eDebate] The CEDA response is sickening

Richard Saunders ben.frank08
Fri Aug 22 14:57:19 CDT 2008

To bill- I can't really help but think about the conservation we had at
Kentucky.  I don't know if this situation qualifies as being "Churchill-ed"
but it is certainly demonstrative of the type of tension that coaches and
debators are placed in trying to be passionate advocates in an open
educational forum while having to abide by the standards and practices of
the University and what can happen when those tensions boil over.  I wish
the best for you and your family in this difficult time.  Of course, you
will probably never read this?.

To the fort hays debators- Punish bill?maybe.  Cut the program and blame the
students for being a part of the national (both debate and non-debate
related) decline in politeness and civility is some absurd.  Ironic that the
Vice President of the United States can use and brag about using the word
fuck on the floor of the Senate but heaven forbid that some college kids
discussing white privilege and it's relation to speech norms be allowed to
use the f-bomb.   I wish the best for those of you who remain at Fort Hays
and good luck to those who choose to transfer.

To Adam Jackson - You arrogant ass, you've killed us all

I wish you best of luck treating your case of douche bagitis and hope you
see tub girl every time you dream at night (this last sentiment goes double
for all his supporters)

To CEDA- gutless.  I watch the video of the quarterfinals and see numerous
CEDA officials (past and present) including the current CEDA president.  Unless
I am mistaken, there was no organizational action after the round, there was
no organizational position developed at the CEDA business meeting, the topic
meeting or until the beginning of August.  But let the video hit youtube and
the AP newswire and it's a unified front to condemn and distance the
organization from someone who has been a mainstay of the activity. Since
then, the organization has pretty much contributed to throwing bill and the
fort hays program under the bus.  I do think that the lack of effort to
explain bill's actions in terms of alternative performance methods was
disappointing but that is for another post. Condemn bill, alright not my
play but I can see why.   However, not making a single public organizational
effort to help or save the fort hays program = cowardice.  Not showing the
President of Fort Hays that his conception of debate from watching the
quarters is inaccurate and his statements border on slander, are the acts of
people who have no business leading this community.  Yes I saw that the CEDA
statement only supports the actions of FHSU in terminating bill, not it's
suspension of the entire program.  That is not good enough and frankly is a
form of semantic corkscrewing that makes me sick.  Important lesson: When
your head or your program gets put on the chopping block CEDA will not help

CEDA Pres- You want us to be unified and stop the internal criticism.  You
are out of your mind.  Hammond's comments are unsubstantiated and wholly
inaccurate.  I will not be his lackey in resurrecting some ideal civility of
yester-year that he wants college debate to be.  And I will not stand with
any organization that won't protect it's own.

I wish nothing for you all, Karma will be far more cruel than anything I
could dream up.

I don't want to build bridges and/or be positive, on a day like today.

The actions of many members of this community have been despicable and I
feel for the first time that this activity should die so that this
congregation of arrogant, impotent and self-righteous fools can disband.

Yes I am not signing this.  In the wake of what just happened to bill and my
indictments of an organization that I have to remain a part of can you
really blame me.
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