[eDebate] pucker up, edward hammond

Kevin Sanchez let_the_american_empire_burn
Fri Aug 22 15:31:08 CDT 2008


paul leader writes,
"I don't care if you blast me for it. WE ALL KNOW that Bill and Fort Hays are
no more racist than, dare I say, AT LEAST 99% of our entire community
(and I certainly hope it is 100%). However, it has become a tactical ploy,
used to win debates -- and I am not so convinced that it is always really
more "project" than strategy. I wish Bill had not become so upset by what
happened, but I understand why he did. None of us good people should be
called racist because of what we decide on what we probably thought was
a private strike card -- and no one in our community deserves to be accused
of being racist if the sole purpose is to win a debate round."

with due respect, that wasn't the towson team's argument. i'd point you
to two instances which make this explicit in the actual round...


...first, the cross-examination of the 1a.c. (8:37s), and second, the 2a.c.
explanation (27:35s); they speak for themselves, and i've already written
in correction of this common mis-characterization.



that said, the firing of bill shanahan is a blow to academic freedom. this
wasn't the purging of a marginal figure; this was an attack upon the core
of debaters' right to determine the character of their activity. note edward
hammond's language carefully...


"...this incident provides a valuable 'teaching moment'..."

so, big daddy oedipus is gonna teach us degenerates how to run things.
first, clean up your language. second, bring your civility up to code. and
if you think about refusing, remember who puts a roof over your head.

well, shanara didn't deserve it, but this hammond asshole sure does...

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