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I've been reading the recent fall out and as a long time debater, coach,
judge, good friend and student of bill, and member of this community, I
must respectfully express a bit of consternation with the statement of
CEDA as an organization regarding Fort Hays' wrongheaded and potentially
constitutionally dubious dismissal of the community's good friend.
Further, it seems odd that we scapegoat the individual(s) who circulated
the video on youtube.  Axiomatic to this activity is that it promote
free speech and is, in perhaps its purest form, the marketplace of
ideas.  Please do not perceive this to be an indictment of calls for
decorum or civility, however in my opinion CEDA and individuals that
comprise the debate community should be dedicated to protecting our
academic freedom from being usurped by academic institutions, rather
than solely asking ourselves to consider what we can do differently to
comply with what academic institutions consider to be proper.  Perhaps
that dialogue is necessary, it is not however sufficient.  The joy and
productivity of this strange activity that connects us all depends on an
open space of free expression.  While we must be vigilant to prevent the
destruction of that space coming from inside our activity, so to we must
stand up to attempts to shrink that space by limiting the speech
occurring therein by those outside the activity.  It is this latter
threat that the CEDA statement seems not to confront.   




Adam R. Lee


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