[eDebate] fhsu press conference

Andrew Michael-Don Casey acasey3
Fri Aug 22 20:15:24 CDT 2008

i won't be long as I have plenty to do around edmond at this current 
moment of the aftermath.

This is a rather sad and depressing moment in my debate career. bill 
was my favorite judge. i was educated more in his post-round criticisms 
than i can accurately explain or compare. My best wishes go to him and 
his family. the fort and college debate have currently lost one of the 
most educational professors i have ever met.

I was in Hays for the press conference. Aside being disturbed by the 
seemingly thrilled and happy reactions of the people at the event, The 
content of the President's speech was odd. He made it sound as if lack 
of decorum, civility, respect were not the only reasons he suspended 
the school debate team. He made it very clear that he had no idea what 
educational value debate has. He did not understand what was said in 
the hour and a half round (which in all accuracy...is understandable 
given the nature of the round and the negative's presentation of their 
strategy...it is after all supposed to be 'the unrecognizable other'). 
However, he made statements about how this was rampant in collegiate 
debate and that all collegiate debate followed this model. Needless to 
say, the fort v. towson debate is nowhere near what most debates look 
like. He made it sound as if he had watched multiple videos of multiple 
debates and all were just as unrecognizable. this is error.

if this becomes something that administrations all universalize there  
are always the cstv documentaries:

i dont know what to say at this point,

p.s. someone in the audience during the 'question/answer" part of the 
press conference asked "do you think that this situation is a product 
of kritik debates, and would the reforms you ask of CEDA also include 
banning the kritik?"
the president (in a bit of a rational moment) said "i dont think i said 
that, and no i would not recommend that they be banned."
seriously, who sent a reporter to try and make a piece of framework 
evidence? not cool.
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