[eDebate] Hester: The fashionista of The Debate Community

Christopher Thomas christopher.scott.thomas
Sat Aug 23 23:52:34 CDT 2008

This does not make sense to me....This reminds me of the 1950's when parents
thought rock-n-roll were making children go have tons of sex.
Blaming clothing choices seems like a half ass attempt at resolving the
problem and/or placing blame...when in reality it becomes a question of
personal responsibility. The way people chose to act and hold themselves is
not centered around wearing pants with a belt-- it deals with being
mature, responsible adults in public.

Not to pull the gay card on this one, and as much as I would love for
certain people to dress better in debate because it is unfortunate to see so
many people in Jean Shorts. But your argument assumes people change their
style of clothing which is often times representative of their beliefs and

What is presentable? What is good dressing? When did CEDA become the fashion
police? Because I've seen our CEDA president's fashion sense....and it does
not hint at being amazing. And even then, your assumption concerning coaches
and debaters being dressed up assumes some money, some form of buying these
clothes. When I was at KU I worked sometimes 40 hour weeks, plus school,
plus debated. I did not have time nor the extra money to go buy loafers or
nice dress pants to impress judges. But I did not moon anyone nor did I get
in fights after debate or over debate.

I also do not think it is too far fetched to say that certain people would
leave this activity if a world with certain guidelines for dress were
enforced. I chose the activity of debate because it is much more open and
liberal. I cannot wear me Feminist Tshirts or my gay pride pins in most
other events/hobbies/school programs and I am proud that debate lets me do

Hitler may have worn pants, but the man still exterminated 12 million
people. And I don't think pant-wearing was his form of empowerment.
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