[eDebate] The Content of Debates

Sarah Jane Green sjsnider
Sun Aug 24 10:45:48 CDT 2008

As I have watched all of this unfold and watched CEDA respond with the
establishment of a committee to review "Curriculum" I fear the possibility
that the result will be to establish rules about the content of debates.
Maybe I am just a negative nancy who fears the worst, but I urge members of
this committee to refrain from establishing content rules. Even president
Hammond realizes the danger that such rules could present us with- as quoted
in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

"Our investigation indicated that there has been a decline in the civility
and respect" in collegiate debating that may reflect society, he said. "I'm
not talking about content. They can discuss whatever subject they want. But
I believe you can make your points in a civil way."

Last I heard, CEDA really doesn't have anything to do with "curriculum", and
I don't know what it means to have a curriculum at a National Tournament,
curriculum to me is about how we teach our debaters to debate at home and
quite frankly I don't think it is the business of CEDA to regulate how we
teach our debaters at home.

I am curious as to the expectations and goals of this new committee and I
also plea for transparency as CEDA takes whatever steps they are about to

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