[eDebate] zizekian bridges

Kevin Sanchez let_the_american_empire_burn
Mon Aug 25 05:19:28 CDT 2008

just so my support for towson's project doesn't border on the obsequious,
i'm going to take issue with a line of questioning deven cooper initiates at
around minute 45...


deven cooper: "you got a piece of zizek evidence, right?"
avery henry: "yeah."
d.c.: "so, how does zizek's identity play a role in his theories for the
liberation of the oppressed?"
a.h.: "zizek was also from eastern europe; he's from slovenia..."
d.c.: "i understand, but how does this play a role in the black
latino liberation, asian liberation from oppression?"
"well, we believe it allows for the oppression to... they write from
the specific condition of where they were oppressed: they were being
oppressed by, you know, the soviet union, and they had to find
to combat that."
d.c. "i understand... so, how is that conducive for people of color?"

well, i'll let zizek speak for himself, and you can judge for yourself if his
ideas about racism are 'conducive to liberation'...


...but i stand ready to defend every claim he makes above in order to
further discussion.


plus, if you like, you can join my movement...


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