[eDebate] Reflection on the "State of Debate"

l s pr0xii3
Mon Aug 25 14:12:25 CDT 2008

With the whole Bill Shanahan starting this season off with a bang, One has
to wonder what will be this year's controversial issue?
I spent close to an hour trying explain what the hell happened to a handful
of my friends, and then to see what Dr.Hammond said about College Debate
quite frankly pissed me off. I understand that the University has an image
to uphold. I get that. But to judge an entire community over a nine minute
clip of a post round argument is ridiculous. To make sweeping assumptions
about debate is unfair. Yes we have our issues, dirty laundry, whatever,I
would like to say that  this isn't the norm. To say it is would be a
outright lie in my opinion.  To hear someone question the academic worth,
and suggest that there is a decline in civility in the activity, makes me
defensive.  I just don't see it. I have been a college debater for 2.5
years for Chief. I could just be a naive debater. Maybe I need to be in the
circuit for a little while longer. I don't know. If I am rambling and this
doesn't make sense I'm sorry I am just a bit upset.  I would hate to see a
community I love go to hell over 9 minutes of bad press.

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