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Val Browning Round Robin 2009
We will be adopting a ?Kentucky-style? format for the Val Browning Round Robin (January 17-18).  We will accept nine teams for eight  rounds of preliminary debating, with no elimination rounds and no post-round disclosure.  In lieu of elimination rounds, we will enjoy a fabulous feast while announcing the results from the preliminary debates.  This format will streamline the debate experience, maintain a humane schedule, while maximizing the amount of time we can spend together as a community.
We will give beautiful trophies for the top 3 teams and the 10 ten speakers.  We will also give the Val Browning ?Coach of the Year? award.  Please check out the ?Val Browning? link at www.weberdebate.com to check all the incredible debaters and coaches who, ?before they were famous,? made at least one storied trip to Ogden.  Apparently Jack Dempsey and Jack Kerouac also spent a stint in the O-town before they made it big as well.  How?s that for contrasting? 
The tournament hotel is ALSO the tournament venue ? no need to walk in the cold!  It is a beautiful Hampton built to order for Hyatt in the heart of downtown Ogden.  The room rate is a steal at $75/room for quad-occupancy (801-394-9400).  Our entry fee is $200, but it includes a catered lunch on Saturday, plus another catered lunch and dinner on Sunday.  If your program is cash strapped, I understand and will make an effort to find a compromise.  Just send me an email at oguevara at weber.edu and we can work out the details.  PLEASE do NOT rent a car.  There is no need; we?ll pick you up from the airport and drop you off!

So what do we need from you?  To be honest: Your best team and your best judge.  The team will need to submit competitive applications to oguevara at weber.edu by November 1st.  Your application should be based on last year's results and the results (so far) in the 08-09 season.  I will share the applications with Glen Frappier and we will announce the field in early November.  With regards to your "best judge" we mean simply:  Your most strongly preferred critic possible.  By having a smaller pool, we will really be able to improve the quality of judging in each and every debate -- including a fairly sophisticated preference system.
So here are Omar?s top 10 reasons to come to the Val in 2009:
10.     Ogden Utah is breathtakingly beautiful in January.
9.       An all day ski pass is still less expensive than 2 hours in Wendover!
8.       Wendover, Nevada ? 2 hours away ? has Vegas gambling at 1990s prices.  Checkout: www.wendoverfun.com 
7.       Ogden is a venue for the Sundance Film Festival! Tell your friends you saw it ?when? it was still indie and cool!
6.       If you are a 5-3 team that ?gets no respect? ? come and earn some well-deserved acclaim.
5.       Every round is NDT quality ? from the room, to the amenities, to the critic. 
4.       We?re the nation?s second oldest round-robin, endowed in 1995.
3.      Because prepping D9 teams for the NDT is so much easier if you would just spend a weekend with us .
2.       Glen runs the tab room.  He has run some of the most important tab rooms in the nation.
1.       CEDA Nationals is at Idaho State and wouldn't it make some sense to come on by and learn the lay of the land?
We always have an off-site (but close by) 24/7 hospitality suite available for those over the age of 21.  Simply call (801) 668-6910 for a free ride.  Come and join us for some poker, football, war-stories or Obama's inauguration speech    
Please come and spend some time with us in Ogden, Utah. We?ll make sure you and your teams have one of the best experiences of the year.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
My best,
Omar G. Guevara
Director of Forensics
Weber State University

Val A. Browning Round Robin Champions (1995-2008) 
The Val Browning Round Robin is the oldest NDT/CEDA style intercollegiate round robin in the western United States.  With the generous support of the Browning Foundation, WSU Debate hosts the Val Browning Round Robin every January.   In the near future, we will post the 2009 Val Browning Round Robin.  If you are a college director and would like information sooner, please email our webmaster and Director of the Val Browning Round Robin, Veronica Guevara:  veronica_m_barreto at hotmail.com
2008:          Idaho State University 
                        Debaters: Paul Montreuil & Danielle Jennings
                        Coaches: Sarah Partlow-Lefevre & Scott Odekirk
                        Coach of the Year: Sarah Partlow-Lefevre, Idaho State University
2007:          University of Wyoming
                   Debaters: Will Jensen & Travis Cram
                        Coaches: Matt Stannard, Seth Ellsworth, Chris Crowe

                        Coach of the Year:  Matt Stannard, University of Wyoming
2005:          University of Wyoming  
                        Debaters: Chris Crowe & Brian Delong
                        Coaches:  Matt Stannard, Eric Forslund

                        Coach of the Year:  Joseph Carver, Whitman College
2004:          Regis University (Denver, Colorado)
                   Debaters: John Rief & Brian Schrader
                        Coach: John Foy

                        Coach of the Year:  Shawn Whalen, San Francisco State University
2003:          Weber State University 
                        Debaters: Kellen McAffee & Scott Odekirk
                        Coaches:  Eric Mueller & Jan Hovden
2002:          California State University-Bakersfield 
                        Debaters: Jason Giffard & David Wells
                        Coaches:  Omar Guevara & Paul Loupe
2001:          Weber State University
                   Debaters: Zack Westerfield & Mike Zahler
                        Coaches:  Michael ?Bear? Bryant & Eric Mueller
2000:          Arizona State University (closes out finals)
                        Debaters:  Justin Skarb, Serena Turley, Takis Makridis
                        Coaches:  Jason Jarvis & Kristin Dybvig
                        Coach of the Year: Glen Frappier, Gonzaga University 

1999:          Arizona State University
                   Debaters:  Julie Sweet & Travis Kirchner
                        Coach: Steve Herro
1998:          Southern Illinois University
                        Debaters:  Joey Vuglia & Matt Moore
                        Coaches: Jen Rigdon & Aaron Klemz
1997:          Gonzaga University
                        Debaters:  Will Brewer & Ian McLoughlin
                        Coach:  Jamey Dumas
1996:          Southern Illinois University
                        Debaters:  Glen Frapier & Bill Shinn
                        Coach:  Greg Simerly
1995:          University of Alaska
                        Debaters: Korry Harvey & Gabe Scott
                        Coach: Trond Jacobsen

Omar G Guevara II
Director of Forensics
Department of Communication
College of Arts & Humanities
Weber State University
Ogden, Utah

801.626.6220 (Office)
801.668.6910 (Cell)
Oguevara at hotmail.com
Oguevara at weber.edu

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