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Jeffrey Jarman jeffrey.jarman
Thu Aug 28 19:28:52 CDT 2008

 From Ben Voth--CAD forum editor

Contemporary Argumentation & Debate

Special Forum Issue: Argumentation and International Affairs

CAD seeks manuscripts focusing on the intersection of argumentation  
and international affairs.  This focus seeks to elaborate the  
rhetorical functions of discourse beyond the American audience and to  
the larger global public sphere.  Manuscripts examining such current  
topics as the War on Terror, genocide, Middle East politics, human  
rights abuses are preferred.  Submissions will be accepted until  
September 25, 2008.

Submission Policy
Contemporary Argumentation and Debate: The Journal of the Cross  
Examination Debate Association, is a refereed journal dedicated to  
publishing quality scholarship related to the theory and practice of  
debate (academic and pubic sphere) and argumentation (theoretical and  

Submission Guidelines
Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the Publication  
Manual of the American Psychological Association. The journal employs  
a blind review system. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically in  
a current Word or rich-text format. Identification materials--the  
author(s), institutional affiliation, mailing address, e-mail address,  
and phone numbers--should only appear on the first page. The first  
page should also note any previous public presentation of publication  
of any portion or form of the manuscript. The manuscript should not  
contain internal references that identify the author in a way to  
compromise blind review. All correspondence relating to the  
manuscript, including notification that the manuscript has been  
received, will be directed to the specified author. Authors submitting  
to Contemporary Argumentation and Debate must give exclusive right of  
review to this journal until such time that the review has been  
completed. Upon acceptance, assignment of copyright will be made to  
the Cross Examination Debate Association. CAD is an annual publication  
with manuscripts accepted throughout the year.

An electronic copy of manuscript should be sent to:

CAD Forum Editor

Ben Voth, Southern Methodist University
bvoth at smu.edu<mailto:bvoth at smu.edu>

Southern Methodist University
Corporate Communication & Public Affairs
PO BOX 750113
Dallas, TX 75275

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