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Massey, Jackie B. debate
Sun Aug 31 22:58:32 CDT 2008


I had a strange event occur this summer, and was approached by someone in the Native American Studies Department about debate.

I had to leave town for Vermont for the summer, and so we talked about what we thought we might able to do, and how to get there.

Then I respectfully asked the people at UCO to step in while I was gone and help prepare theses students for these debates.   After a summer of speaking  and working with the idea, mostly Eric Marlow, Scotty Ketchum and Andy Casey we had the debate in front of the people of the Cherokee Nation.

Now here is our goal and vision and you can see if you fit in.

We are going to have schools with Native American Studies Programs have public debates against each other, back old school style.  The topics will be about issues relating to the indian nations, and the students will be Indian Studies Majors and Minors.  It is not for competitive purposes, it is for informative and training purposes.

If your University has a Native American Studies Program, it would be nice if you could email me and help us get started at your school.

It is somewhat of a debate across the curriculum experiment, but more importantly we are hoping this activity will help our young Indian people acquire the skills to help protect our indigenous interests in the future.  Without adequate representation, sovereignty will be washed away.

Thanks for reading and thanks to the UCO team for helping.


OU Debate

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