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I have so many responses to this post that I'm not sure where to begin. As someone who was not directly a party to this melee - nor even in the room for most of it, I will say it created one of the most harassing workplace environments that I've personally experienced, and your reposting of it has effectively derailed what had been shaping up to be a pleasant afternoon with my family. I'm sure they join me in thanking you for that. 


I think I will just focus on your message "sign off", which ended with the word ENJOY. The fact that you feel an altercation which could have been career threatening to several of the parties involved is just public spectacle to be "enjoyed" sickens me. It's the same sort of thinking which forced the friends of Steve Irwin to acquire and destroy the video of his last few moments before it became part of the latest Faces of Death movie. 


The controversy didn't surprise me much, having watched the round go down. Once you start down the path of making rounds into public inquisitions about whether prior actions (or prior identities) of the debaters are acceptable, it's hard to say where it ends. It's pretty easy to imagine a far worse ending, given how hurtful the entire encounter was for many of the people directly involved. 


It seems disturbing that you even want to revisit that hurt, much less revel in it and invite others to join your party. But, if you take your talents to the paparazzi (particularly the subset who try to run celebs off the road so they can get pictures of their reactions), you could make more money. 


Keep on rockin' in the free world, Adam....

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Before you scroll down to see the video...allow me give you some light 

First lets set the stage...

CEDA Nationals 2008...


Fort Hays HS (Chris Spurlock and Avery Henry) (NEG) vs. Towson CL 
(Dayvon Love and Deven Cooper) (AFF)...

Before the round even began there was of course the strike sheet which 

Brent Saidon
Omar Guevara
Shanera Reid
Mike Hester
Toni Neilson

Towson CL struck Saidon because he was on Fort Hays squad before, and 
Fort Hays struck Reid because it was "strategic" for them to do so 
because she had voted them down before, with their coach, Bill 
Shanahan, defending their decision.

In the 1AC Deven reads the Revolutionary Aesthetic in conjunction with 
an argument that said the act of striking Shanera was an act that 
"protected white privilege" in the debate community because there are 
very few black women in the debate community that actually get to 
judge out-rounds at national tournaments, and their voices are 
effectively silenced when they are struck from panels.

The 1NC (given by Chris Spurlock) which was a dense, theoretical 
"Doubling" argument, and evades responding to why they struck Shanera. 
The first CX question by Cooper was "Why didn't you speak to the 
exclusion of Shanera in this round?", with Spurlock evading the 
question once again. Cooper asks the question once more, and he says 
that "they didn't think it was strategic".

During the rebuttals, this becomes the focal point of the debate and 
Fort Hays loses on a 2-1 decision, with Hester and Neilson picking up 
Towson, and Guevara sitting out.

The RFD is given by the judging panel, and an argument breaks out 
between Neilson and Guevara on whether the argument about Shanera was 
"pre-text" or not.

Omar walks out in frustation...and afterwards....the video speaks for 


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