[eDebate] "Sickening" Huh?

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Sorry, I was just speaking from my subjectivity, which is apparently either unacceptable to you or at least nothing you care about. I'll probably keeping speaking from my subjectivity, though. 
I certainly was not defending his actions, although that would have make it easier for you, since you've been busy writing front lines for that. 
Even if you think there should be a serious public discussion about the round in question, I'm confused about why presenting it as a spectacle to be enjoyed is a productive way to frame it. It doesn't sound from your second post that you actually found it enjoyable....
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"I think I will just focus on your message "sign off", which ended with the word ENJOY. The fact that you feel an altercation which could have been career threatening to several of the parties involved is just public spectacle to be "enjoyed" sickens me." 

"SICKENS" you huh? You know what SICKENS me Eric? A community that revels in the fact that its true form will never actually be brought to the forefront. When you come from when I come from...when you lose at Districts because of "Mexican terrorists" attacking the US...when you lose to the top seed JUST BECAUSE THEY'RE THE TOP SEED...when you see Bill Shanahan's balls....when you have hold your partner, teammates coaches and colleagues in tears....THATS when you can I'll care about what "SICKENS" you. 

"Once you start down the path of making rounds into public inquisitions about whether prior actions (or prior identities) of the debaters are acceptable, it's hard to say where it ends. It's pretty easy to imagine a far worse ending, given how hurtful the entire encounter was for many of the people directly involved."

Who are you talking to? SHOWING YOUR ASS AND TESTICLES TO A DEBATE COACH IS UNACCEPTABLE....PERIOD. Why is it so hard to say where it ends? Seems pretty easy to me....HERE! I've talked to just about everyone "involved" (hell, I WAS INVOLVED), and they all thought that what Shanahan did was totally unacceptable....PERIOD. Don't debate it Eric...he's WRONG.
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