Beth Skinner beth.skinner
Sun Aug 3 01:15:46 CDT 2008

What is the idea that people should take away from such criticism?
It's ok for this incident to have happened but just not for it to be
published and discussed?  So long as there isn't documentary evidence
then the community can plausibly deny such things happen?  No one has
a comment on the acceptability of a bottle of scotch sitting on the
CEDA final round judge's table?  No one would have a problem showing
their administrators tapes of their own debaters swearing,
threatening, joking about genocide, etc.?  I hope and believe that a
change such exposure brings is that people recognize their
accountability for decisions they make and behavior they enact in
public environments.

Anyone who watches the video with an iota of attention can see who is
aggressing in this confrontation.  Is it the purpose or just the
effect of recent criticisms that lump both parties together to chill
the behavior of those who stand up for students in the face of such
abuse?  I am proud of the arguments Dayvon and Deven made in the round
and I am proud of Shanara's passion, strength and character.  I'm not
shuddering at all.  Beth

On Sun, Aug 3, 2008 at 1:09 AM, Jason Jarvis <debatekorea at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Some things should never be placed on YouTube.
> I shudder to think what ANY administrator would think after watching this
> video....much less someone with control over funding or the jobs of Shanara,
> Bill or whose teams participated in this competition.
> Good luck to all of you who need to listen to the pain of others and who
> truly ought to heed ML's admonishment about building bridges.
> I honestly don't think posting this video will cause any change, but it
> could very well get Shanara and/or Bill fired.
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